Is This Polar Cold Global Cooling or Warming?

With subzero temperatures and heavy snows through many parts of the United States, some have asked how can this be Global Warming?   Shouldn’t it show either the theory of current Global Warming is flawed or something else is happening? Unfortunately. it doesn’t show Global Cooling is  happening.  In a shocking look at the world’s temperatures the idea of Global Warming still makes sense.

The idea of the Polar Vortex shows warmer temperatures in the Arctic are ‘pushing’ colder fronts south, and it seems to be so.  During the first Polar Vortex this season, temperatures in Fairbanks, Alaska were 30F to 50F degrees  while temperatures in US Northern cities were 0 degrees Fahrenheit to 10F.  This Arctic Blast in late February is showing North Pole temperatures up to 30 degrees while US Northern cities are getting the temps the North Pole normally gets.  Finally, although the Nortern Hemisphere is experiencing cold temps, the Southern Hemisphere is experiencing record high temperatures.


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